Canine Cancer Screening Test Kit - Cancer Risk Assessment

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*These kits require a serum blood draw from a veterinarian - this is not an at-home test*

Early detection of disease allows for more treatment options and often results in better outcomes. Canine cancer is unfortunately a disease that can stay well-hidden for a long time before becoming clinically evident, far into development. The Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA) is a blood test to screen apparently healthy dogs for early signs of cancer and to evaluate if your dog is in an active state that could promote cancer growth.


VDI Dried Serum Test Kit is intended for submitting a sample to VDI laboratory for any combinations of tests listed.  Select test(s) and addon(s) prior to checking out.

These kits require a serum blood draw from a veterinarian.  Order the kit, schedule a visit with your vets clinic for the blood draw, and then reports will be emailed back to you  and the clinic once testing is completed.

Turnaround Times are from the time the sample is sent out from the clinic, and do not include weekends/holidays.

One Kit Per Patient


If you wish to request other test services (Cancer Risk Assessments, essential vitamins, etc), go to the "VDI Test Submission Kit - All Tests"  product to order.  You do not need multiple kits to test multiple things, so choosing that kit is more cost effective.

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