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VDI Direct

Fur Mineral Testing

Mineral Fur Analysis

Now Available. [learn more]

1. Order a Kit

2. Collect Fur Sample (no vet visit needed)

3. Send it to back to the lab

4. Get results via email.

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Scroll down to see some other test options, or click ALL KITS from the menu. (Other tests require blood draws from a veterinarian)

Complete Wellness

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Vitamin D Test

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Essential Vitamins Panel

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Essential Wellness Panel

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Cancer Risk Assessment

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Rx Vitamins for Pets

Magnum Solace Magnesium Lotion

Agaricus Bio Super Liquid for Pets

Trixsyn - Joint Supplement

About VDI Laboratory

VDI Laboratory is the leading veterinary blood diagnostics provider in the fields of cancer, inflammation, vitamins D/B12, osteoarthritis, sepsis, and wellness using a proprietary dried serum transport device.

VDI is advancing diagnostic interpretation using computer algorithms, termed Intelligent Diagnostics, to provide veterinarians specific diseases associated with test results.