Return Policy and Disclaimers


  1. VDI Tests purchased through this site may require a blood draw for serum.  Blood draws should be performed by trained individuals to limit the risk of harm.  It's recommended to have your veterinarian's office perform and submit the blood serum sample on your behalf.
  2. Dried Serum Test Kits require SERUM samples. Failure to follow directions may result in rejected tests or inaccurate results.  VDI is not liable for errors due to improper processing and handling, however we will attempt to rectify any situations as they arise.
  3. Any VDI Test is not itself a definitive diagnostic test and the results, as with any individual assay result, should be viewed in conjunction with other diagnostic information.
  4. VDI does not provide consultations to pet parents based on the results of any tests performed by VDI or the rest of the clinical workup.  VDI does provide consultation for veterinarians, who can reach us for case specific consultations.
  5. A test kit ordered through VDI Direct is a pre-paid test, good for one patient. This includes all test(s) ordered, the kit to submit samples, and shipping where provided.
  6. Products available through this site are not manufactured by VDI Laboratory.  Contact the product manufacturer for full details regarding the product in question.
  7. Product directions, dosing, instructions should always be followed in consultation with a licensed professional or after discussion with the product manufacturer.  VDI shall not be held liable for any outcomes related to the use of products ordered through this site.  

Return Policy:

  1. 30 day refund of unopened test kits. Test Kits that have been opened, removed from their packaging, will not be refunded. Contact VDI Laboratory to initiate a return:
  2. Damaged kits are subject to full refund or replacement at the discretion of VDI Laboratory.
  3. Test Kits are transferable to any party once they have been purchased. 
  4. VDI does not provide returns or refunds for test kits purchased through other retailers, only orders placed through