VDI Tests

VDI offers a range of wellness tests for dogs and cats.  Being proactive about identifying issues early can help resolve any before they become serious. The wellness tests offered by VDI are meant to give you control over the health and wellbeing of your furry family members. Here are some examples of which dogs and cats should considering testing:


Cats & Dogs:

  • Diet evaluation - See if they are getting enough essential vitamins
  • General wellness - over the age of 5, start checking inflammation
  • Animals over 10 years old - cancer risk testing, osteoarthritis testing
  • Inflammatory disease - many essential vitamins are anti-inflammatory
  • Cancer patients - often low in essential vitamins, especially VitD
  • Patients falling short of sufficiency on essential vitamins
  • Dogs prone to osteoarthritis or joint problems
  • high risk cancer breeds


Just take the kit to your vet and have them draw the blood and submit the sample!  Use the selections on the kit order page to choose which tests you want.  Not seeing the combination you need? Contact VDI at office@vdilab.com.

Learn about the different tests below.



    Vitamin D - canine/feline

    Vitamin D is often referred to as the most important hormone in the body due to its various functions. Sufficient Vitamin D levels are anti-inflammatory, pro-differentiating, anti-proliferation, and involved with innate immunity and musculoskeletal system function. VDI provides patient specific dosing guidelines for Vitamin D.


    B12 (Cobalamin) - canine/feline

    Cobalamin is a cofactor in numerous enzymatic reactions: DNA synthesis, fatty acid metabolism, and amino acid metabolism being three critical functions. Patients with GI disorders are more likely to exhibit B12 deficiencies.  VDI provides patient specific dosing guidelines for Vitamin B12.


    Magnesium - canine/feline

    Without magnesium, the body cannot produce energy and subsequent processes (such as Vitamin D metabolism) cannot function. Magnesium is a critical regulator of enzyme activity, energy production, DNA & RNA, and mineral balances including calcium.  VDI provides patient specific dosing guidelines for Magnesium.


    Inflammation (CRP/HPT) - canine/feline

    Includes: CRP for dogs, HPT for cats.

    Inflammatory tests, CRP and HPT, are useful tools for screening for hidden disease. Their presence should warrant investigation and be resolved/managed before the inflammation develops into a serious disease.  If inflammatory disease is discovered/diagnosed, these markers are useful to monitor the progression of that disease or how well the treatment is working. 

    If the inflammatory marker is normal, that's a great way to confirm general health of your dog or cat.


    Essential Vitamins - canine/feline

    Includes: Vitamin D, B12, Folate Magnesium

    Studies have shown modern commercial diets are inadequate for providing the levels of essential vitamins such as vitamin D in pets. These changes result in insufficiencies and deficiencies that can have long term negative impact on the health of our patients. When evaluating lifestyle and diets for cats and dogs, the essential vitamins should be checked to correct any inadequacies before they become chronic. 

    Certain vitamins and minerals, critical for normal biological functions, are only obtained via diet. These are termed “essential.” Given the changes to farm and agricultural processes, many animals are lacking these essentials and should be evaluated.

    VDI provides patient specific dosing guidelines for Vitamin D, B12, and Mg. 


    Essential Wellness

    Includes: Inflammation Test (CRP/HPT), Vitamin D, B12, Folate, Magnesium

    Essential Wellness offers the core testing to screen for hidden
    disease in an otherwise healthy dog or cat. The addition of a systemic inflammation check (CRP/HPT) will give you an inside look at the status of your pet. Identifying, resolving, and managing inflammation is important to long term health.


    Complete Wellness

    Includes: Inflammation Test (CRP/HPT),Vitamin D, B12, Folate, Magnesium, Cancer Risk Assessment, Osteoarthritis Assessment

    Complete Wellness includes an inflammation assessment, the essential vitamins, as well as a Cancer Risk Assessment & Osteoarthritis Assessment. This complete screening profile is the best all around first step to finding hidden disease in the apparently healthy dog or cat.


    Advanced GI Panel 12 - canine/feline

    Includes: GI Lymphoma Panel, cPL/fPL, Vitamin D, B12, Folate Magnesium, Albumin, A/G ratio, Total Protein, Globulin

    Patients presenting with gastrointestinal signs are often a challenging workup as the disease pathology can be multi-factorial. Diseases such as IBD, Pancreatitis, PLE, LSA, SIBO may exist concurrently.

    Using VDI’s Diagnostic AI, diseases such as IBD, LSA, PLE, and Pancreatitis are identified not on a single test result but the SYNERGY of multiple parameters, providing a higher level of confidence.  VDI includes patient specific factors such as age, clinical signs, medication, and more to deliver a patient-centric profile.

    By integrating multiple tests along with signalment, these relationships are exploited to provide the veterinarian ACTIONABLE data.  If deficiencies are noted in Vitamin D, B12, or Mg, VDI provides precise patient-specific supplement dosing to correct the problem.



    Advanced GI Panel 16- canine/feline

    Includes: Everything from Advanced GI Panel 12 plus Allergy Panel, Cortisol, and ALT/ALP.

    In additional to the testing value tested by Advanced GI Panel 12, this extended panel looks at other conditions that may be involved:  Allergies (food and environmental) which may be a trigger for GI symptoms, Cortisol for assessment of Addison's disease, and Liver enzymes to see if there is liver involvement which often appears with cats showing GI signs. 




    Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA)

    The Cancer Risk Assessment is a look at the coming 4-6
    months for the likelihood of a cancer event. Ideal for the high risk
    breeds, older pets, or pets with cancer in the line. Adding the CRA
    score to your base wellness profile can lead to early detection and early

    When to upgrade to CRA:

    • Adult & Senior pets (10 years or older)
    • Large/High Risk Breeds (5 years or older)
    • Litter-mate having had cancer


    Osteoarthritis Assessment (OA)

    Osteoarthritis is a disease affecting large breed dogs and older pets. Early detection can lead to early intervention to begin management and therapy 

    When to upgrade to OA:

    • Adult & Senior pets (10 years or older)
    • Large/High Risk Breeds (5 years or older)
    • Active/athlete dogs or cats


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