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Agaricus Bio Super Liquid for Pets

Agaricus Bio Super Liquid for Pets

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Agaricus Blazei Immune System Booster Mushroom Supplement, Organic Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Extract Tincture for Immune Support, Non GMO, 1 Fl Oz.


Benefits of Agaricus Bio® for Dogs and Cats

  • Supports the Immune System
  • Supports the Production of Interleukins and Interferons
  • Supports the Activity of NK Cells and Macrophage Cells
  • Supports the Production of T-cells
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels
  • Supports Antioxidant Activity


Shake well.  Feed 3-9 drops/10lbs of body weight per day by mixing the liquid with food.  If pet is diabetic, lower dose in consultation with your veterinarian.  Stop feeding Super Liquid For Pets 2 weeks prior to surgeries. 


  • IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR DOGS AND CATS:  This mushroom immune booster made with a patented strain of Agaricus blazei murill (ABM) has all the nutrients to keep your immune defenses performing at their highest levels.
  • STRONGER THAN TURKEY TAIL, LIONS MANE, MAITAKE, AND CORDYCEPS: When it comes to choosing the right mushroom immunity booster, this agaricus mushroom extract can't be beat. Compared to other medicinal mushroom supplements, Agaricus Bio provides the strongest mushroom immune defense.
  • HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY BLOOD SUGAR BALANCE: Besides immune system support, this unique mushroom tincture can also help to control your blood glucose levels by keeping them within a healthy range.
  • LIQUID EXTRACT FOR GREATER ABSORPTION: There's no point in taking a mushroom supplement for immune health if the body can't absorb it. Formulated with digestive ease in mind, this ABM mushroom liquid is extracted using a low temperature extraction technique that effectively harvests a broad spectrum of key components from the mushroom—ensuring that all the vital nutrients remain intact.
  • PROMOTES REGULATION OF ABNORMAL CELL GROWTH: Agaricus Bio helps to maintain optimal cellular health. In a National Institute of Health (NIH)-sponsored study, researchers found that this strain of Agaricus blazei mushroom showed very strong activities for promoting cellular health by mobilizing the body’s natural destruction of unhealthy mutated cells.



Please be sure to discuss with your veterinarian on which products are appropriate for your pet to ensure they are receiving the proper dosing.  Some products, like Vitamin D, have two formulations with different concentrations, which will impact how much should be given daily.  It's important to order the correct product, and to supplement according to the instructions provided by the lab report in consultation with your vet.  If dosing is not provided by the lab report, then follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer in consultation with your vet. 

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