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Amino B+K (4 oz)

Amino B+K (4 oz)

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Amino B+K delivers the 2mEq of potassium with each 2 ml administered. Delivery is easy due to this formula’s highly palatable liver and bacon flavoring, and the plastic dropper ensures safety and accuracy in dosing. Amino B+K also provides additional nutritional support with a dense nutrient profile including B-Complex vitamins, aqueous liver fractions and essential amino acids.

Recommended Usage: 2 ml per 10 lbs body weight 1 to 3 times daily for cats based on the degree of potassium deficiency. Dosage may be modified as per your veterinarian. Consult your veterinarian for appropriate use in dogs.



Please be sure to discuss with your veterinarian on which products are appropriate for your pet to ensure they are receiving the proper dosing.  Some products, like Vitamin D, have two formulations with different concentrations, which will impact how much should be given daily.  It's important to order the correct product, and to supplement according to the instructions provided by the lab report in consultation with your vet.  If dosing is not provided by the lab report, then follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer in consultation with your vet. 

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