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Rx Vitamins for Pets



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GlucaMune™ contains the highest potency, patented beta glucan available for companion animals, complexed with astragalus root and licorice root concentrates in small, easy-to-administer capsules for use in all veterinary companion animals. Capsules can also be opened and mixed with food for those difficult to pill patients. In-vivo testing of this proprietary formulation demonstrates that the synergistic combination of these three ingredients is more potent than any individual ingredient in terms of significant increases in measured macrophage phagocytosis and cytokine IL-2 release.


Recommended Usage: 1 capsule for each 10-12 pounds daily. Administer between meals; can be given with a small amount of food to facilitate compliance.



Please be sure to discuss with your veterinarian on which products are appropriate for your pet to ensure they are receiving the proper dosing.  Some products, like Vitamin D, have two formulations with different concentrations, which will impact how much should be given daily.  It's important to order the correct product, and to supplement according to the instructions provided by the lab report in consultation with your vet.  If dosing is not provided by the lab report, then follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer in consultation with your vet. 

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