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Mega-Flex CAPS (600 CAPS)

Mega-Flex CAPS (600 CAPS)

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MegaFlex is comprised of important nutrients for dogs and cats to complement their overall diet. MegaFlex is a high potency formula designed to nourish and support connective tissue for healthy, flexible joints and comfortable movement. The formula features glucosamine sulfate, a critical precursor of synovial fluid and a necessary nutrient for rebuilding cartilage and improving joint function. Research studies at leading institutions have shown that glucosamine sulfate has a low molecular weight, thus enabling it to easily penetrate the villi of the small intestine and thus be well absorbed and utilized.


Recommended Usage (Capsules):

6 capsules for very large dogs (over 100 lbs.)

4 capsules for large dogs (75-100 lbs.)

2 capsules for medium-sized dogs (50-75 lbs.)

1 capsule for small dogs (up to 50 lbs.)



Please be sure to discuss with your veterinarian on which products are appropriate for your pet to ensure they are receiving the proper dosing.  Some products, like Vitamin D, have two formulations with different concentrations, which will impact how much should be given daily.  It's important to order the correct product, and to supplement according to the instructions provided by the lab report in consultation with your vet.  If dosing is not provided by the lab report, then follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer in consultation with your vet. 

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