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Phos-Bind (35 gm Powder)

Phos-Bind (35 gm Powder)

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Phos-Bind contains 100% pure and finely ground, USP grade, aluminum hydroxide. This powdery form of aluminum hydroxide has been found to be highly palatable when blended with a pet’s meal. When used according to directions, Phos-Bind will complex with dietary phosphorus in the bowel to help support the normal function and health of the kidneys. The single ingredient found in Phos-Bind is preferred over other products by veterinary nephrologists and internists. Phos-Bind is the only veterinary-labeled aluminum hydroxide exclusively available to veterinarians.


Recommended Usage: Give 100 mg/kg daily with meals. Dosage should be adjusted based on serial serum phosphorus determinations every 2-4 weeks or as indicated.

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